Bodio Risk Assessment

System Risk Management (SRM):
Control your risks before they control you. Everywhere – and at all times.

Risks are a part of life. They are always present. Everywhere, at any given time. Risks are defined as impacts of uncertainties on goals and are a function of severity of impact and probability/rate of occurrence.
How do you make a risk-based decision? How do you control your top threats and realize your best opportunities? What are cost-effective solutions? Use a System Risk Management (SRM) and resulting Integral Safety to proactively control impacts of uncertainties on your goals (tasks, projects). A SRM will make you fit for survival. Controlling your uncertainties pro-actively defines your future. And with RIAAT we control your risk-based milestones and costs quantitatively (probabilistically) as well. To let you live (and rest) well again with your residual risks at the end of the day.

System Risk Management

Leadership Excellence for Safety & Health (S&H) is your fastest way to become – and stay – successful. How do you improve your productivity? How do you cut your costs? While Safety & Health may not be your first priority, committing yourself to Leadership Excellence and integrating Safety & Health into your processes is the most cost-effective and efficient solution to increase your production. A Safety & Health Management System (SMS), a direct application of risk management, is your best investment in your most valuable, your human resources. The sound basis for your sustainable success. Productive processes are always safe and stable.
And (only) safe and stable processes reduce your costs and increase your productivity.

Functional System Safety

Functional System Safety (FSS) optimizes the reliability, availability and maintainability of your systems to let you focus on achieving your production goals. How safe are your systems? How reliable? How can you increase the availability and reduce potential downtime of your systems? What type of maintenance do you need to keep your systems producing safely? A scalable Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) calculates the reliability and identifies all critical paths to system failure. A Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety( RAMS) Analysis shows you where and how to increase the availability and reduce the potential for downtime.Bow Tie Analysis (BTA) evaluates the effectiveness of your risk controls (risk mitigation) before and after undesired events might happen. Real-time monitoring of success-critical parameters enables the visualization of the actual condition of your systems. Your FTA/RAMS/BTA Analysis foster a System Safety Analysis for your sound risk-based decisions: Can you continue to operate your systems safely (enough)? Go for Maintenance Plus? Need to plan a system retrofit? Or need to prepare a replacement by a new system?

System Risk Management

Conformity Assessments (CA) keep you and your machinery and systems safe, innovative, competitive and legally compliant. How do you assess the hazards of your machinery or systems? What documents do you need before you can legally affix the CE Marking (CEM)? The European CE Marking on your machinery/systems is your passport to Europe – and the world. In order to affix your CEM, you need at least a System Risk Assessment (SRA), User Instructions, User Training, a comprehensive Technical File/Documentation and the required Conformity Declarations. Your Conformity Assessment fosters a safe, legally complying and innovative machinery/system by the same process at the same time.

System Risk Management  controls your uncertainties 

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