Download: 25. General System Limits (GSL, “Define the Context”)

Created: 23 August 2006

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Define the Context” (as required by ISO 9001, ISO 31000, ISO 12100 and many other standards, codes and best practices) to calibrate your risk assessment and management process. Whenever possible before – however, at least while – you (continue to) work on your risk assessment(s). Of course, this is not a one-time, rather an ongoing task with a living documentation.

(Try to) Include your major stakeholders from the beginning as much as possible.

Yes, it is true, no one really loves this task.
In more than 35 years of active risk management we are still waiting for someone declaring a system limits definition as one of his/her favorite activities …
Therefore, the more important it is to get this task done as effectively and efficiently as possible.
And that is where our exemplary template may help you.

Trying to shortcut this required and success-critical process step is one of the most frequent mistakes many, not only first-timers, make – and some with (potentially) drastic consequences.
Definitively not recommended.
Kind of the aquivalent of using a measuring and/or testing device without appropriate prior calibration …

General System Limits (GSL, "Define the Context")
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