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Created: 19 April 2020

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Presentation for EuroTube Foundation (ETF),
courtesy of Vacuum Transport Seminar
(Autumn Seminar 2020, November 9).

System Risk Management in Action (SRMiA)
From Project Controlling to System Safety …

by a combination of …

1. Risk-based Project Management/System Controlling (RbPM/SC)
providing you with reliable and auditable, quantitative values for expected time and cost at defined (intermediate and/or final) milestones.
For every size of projects, in every industry, at every life cycle time phase of your systems.

For all (acting) Project Managers (PM’s) …
and, therefore, for most of us at some point in time.

Aside well-known political factors and events qualifying as “Force Majeure” there are really
no acceptable reasons for unpleasant surprises at the end of projects anymore.
Failed project management has derailed the career of many (otherwise competent) professionals so far. Please do not add yourself to this sad statistics.

2. A System Safety Analysis (SSA)
providing you with reliable and quantitative results for the optimization of your operations and maintenance (O&M).
For every kind and for every size of projects, in every industry and at every life-cycle phase of your systems.

H O W  safe are your systems?
And how productive and economic?
How long will you (still) be able to operate and maintain your systems (legally compliant)?

Achieve less cost and reduced downtime of your systems
with the same – or at even a higher – level of safety, availability and reliability by …

  • by Risk-based Maintenance (RbM).
    As much maintenance as required.
    Not more, however, certainly not less.
  • Improving the critical elements of your systems.
    Any system is always only as resilient as its weakest element.


Unfortunately, when asked about the math used for our Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA), my online answer was not complete in the recorded live session.
Therefore, I added the complete answer by email (still during the same evening):
“Again, thank you so much for the unique opportunity to become part of your fascinating journey into vacuum transport.

Just realized on my way home that I may have, unfortunately, not answered the question about used mathematics for our Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) completely …

We use …

Both are implemented algorithms in RIAAT
(Risk Administration and Analysis Tool,,
a software from RiskConsult GmbH, A-Innsbruck (

Hope that helps.
Again, please accept my apologies – thank you.”

System Risk Management in Action (SRMiA)
From Project Controlling to System Safety
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