Data Exchange Utility

Our Upload Utility enables you to upload files to our server for exchange with our company.
To be able to upload you need to be an authorized member, established by the administrator. He will provide you with a a User ID and password.

The upload size of a singe file must not exceed 47.7 MB per file. The maximum upload size per user is set at 200 MB.

The following file extensions will be accepted for upload: csv, pdf, txt, doc, docx, eps, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, xl, zip, rar, mp3, jpg, bmp, png, tif, mov, mp4, dwg

Your upload time depends on your internet connection. Do not navigate away from the upload page until the file is fully uploaded and you get the confirmation message.

Click the line that says “User Upload“. You now will be directed to the upload utility.

Select the file on your local computer that you want to upload. Chose a category. If it makes sense, fill out the information below the file name. Start the upload.

The speed of your upload depends on your internet connection.

Do not browse away from the Upload Page until the file is completely uploaded and you see the green checkmark under the Published field.

You also can use the User Download feature of the Exchange Utility. There you will see the categories for which you have download privileges. You can download there any file that shows up.

You need to have a user account and to be logged in to use this Utility. If you don’t have a user account please contact us.