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Created: 05 November 2012

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How do you deliver an innovative solution for safe high-performance tunneling? Switzerland-based solutions provider Rowa Tunnelling Logistics AG (Rowa) successfully manufactured, supplied, erected and commissioned five suspended platform heading systems. Tunnel logistics is separated from construction and transportation activities in the invert. True innovation results in safe high performance construction processes, verified in situ through Process / Safety Reviews by moergeli + moergeli consulting engineering (m+m).

Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC) 2013.
Co-Author Alberto Belloli with ROWA Tunnelling Logistics AG.
Presentation June 26, 2013, Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC – USA.

Suspended Platform Heading Systems II
Document NameSuspended Platform Heading Systems for Safe High-Performance Tunneling
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