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Created: 26 December 2013

In this section you can browse and download our documents by category. All our documents are ordered by similar topics in 13 categories.

moergeli + moergeli consulting engineering (m+m) periodically offers excerpts from our practical work to all visitors of our website for free download. The offered files are not demonstrations, but actual real examples, which are usable in everyday work.

They are

  • Proven in practice
  • Easy to apply and
  • ICT-oriented, but can be filled in manually as well.

While we gladly provide you with supporting documents, please feel free to make your own practical experiences with our resources. We are looking forward to your feedback.

By downloading from our homepage/website and/or using our documents/data, you agree that you have read, understood and agreed to our General Provisions for our Website / Homepage – Disclaimer and that you accept them unchanged and in full extent.

Some practical tips:

  • In order to simplify the currently offered downloads we limited the selection to a few chosen documents.
  • You can find previous downloads in archives. The column “V” (version) permits a fast overview on the currently offered selection. A higher version basically replaces any previous one.
  • You can preview some larger documents on the monitor and/or print  as well – saving time prior to downloading – by clicking on the according page. In our excel files all computed cells (yellow), which are fixed in a formula, are protected from unintentional overwriting without password. You can enter all your changes after canceling the Page Protection under “Extras” => “Protection” => “Page”.
  • All our empty templates have an “x” in their document name. In every application, the “x” will be deleted and a new name will be defined.
  • All cells marked with yellow color are pending/mandatory to be filled in by the user.
  • All files are designed to be printed out as either
  • (European) DIN A4 (Width 29.7 cm = 11.69 in, Height 21 cm = 8.27 in)
  • or DIN A3 (Width 42.0 cm = 16.54 in, Height 29.7 cm = 11.69 in).
  • Please adjust all printing formats to your printers and/or specific needs
  • (for DIN A4 please use e.g. Letter Size and for
  • DIN A3 please use Max size 11.7 * 17.7 in).