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All our Photo-Albums and Movies are being presented with a Flash Player that also works on mobile devices since it has a built in html 5 fallback option, in case Flash is not supported. All movies will be opened in a "Light Box" with a dimmed main page. Moreover, the following points are of interest:

Full Screen:
All Albums and Movies can also be watched in the Full Screen mode. Click the Full Screen button to do so.

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On some of the movies the playhead is only visible if you move the cursor into the Video field.

control head

Some of the albums have text descriptions (captions). They are only visible when you move the cursor into the picture field.

Some of the picures can be downloaded. If the download feature for a given Album is activated just double-click the picture and download it.
You confirm by your Download that you accept completely and without any changes our General Provisions (Disclaimer) - thank you.


Keep in mind that all our media files are underlying copyright regulations as outlined in our General Provisions (Disclaimer).

Featured Movie: Railway Technology

Gotthard Base Tunnel Switzerland (35.4 miles). Courtesy of Transtec Gotthard