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Our sitemap gives you a structural overview about our homepage. It is built according to our main menu and the inclusion of some sub-menu parts.
It comprises a 3 level structure.

Blue is the top level structure that includes all our main pillars of our homepage.

Green is the mid level structure showing sub menu items to the top level boxes.

Yellow finally incorporates 3rd level links as sub-items of the mid level boxes.

All boxes that indicate an URL are also clickable and lead directly to the respective web page.

Gray lines show the interconnectivity of the menu structure.

The Sitemap can be dispayed in English or German.
The Mobile Device Sitemap version (MD) is responsive but does not include hyperlinks except the back button.

Editor's Note

This website, provided by a content Managemt System (CMS) allows great flexibility in terms of construction, modular design and interactive user participation. A CMS allows for example our calendar of events, our newsletter distribution, user and access classes, Google integration, product catalogs, quizzes, audio-visual integration and much more.

Today there are over twenty different CMS systems, amongst the most important are Joomla, Drupal and Typo3. We have decided for Joomla, because it is an extremely powerful, easy to configure and popular Open Source CMS that falls under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The name 'Joomla' is a phonetic transcription of the word "Jumla" from the Swahili language and could be translated as "all" or "as a whole". The name was selected as a token for the worldwide efforts of the development community.