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This page is a supporting utility and includes various tools.

First we offer you a list of important key words and abbreviations that are used on our website. To understand our texts in its entire range it is advantageous to know the exact meaning of words and symbols.

The Upload Utility allows you to upload text or media files. The size per upload is limited to 128 MB

Our website is bilingual - English and German. However with the Translator you can switch to other languages.

The User Forum offers a pool for technical discussions. It is mainly a read only utility unless you are approved as a registered user. Then you also can start topics or reply to existing threads. The Forum has all possible features such as attachment of photos, YouTube, Vimeo or E-bay embedding. The forum is fully responsive and also works on mobile devices.

If you have any other question or concern please give us a message or feedback trough our contact page.

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Under the Alps. The longest infrastructure tunnel in the world. Courtesy of Alp Transit.