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#  Term  Definition/Explanation
1.  24hr  24 hours
2.  4WD  Four Wheel Drive
3.  Authorized  In charge of/responsible
4.  Benefit  Profit, opportunity
5.  Briefing  Consulting/preparation/conference
6.  Change  Alteration/modification
7.  Check  Examination/inspection
8.  Debriefing  Evaluation/end-meeting
9.  Deposit  Security payment (retainer)
10.  explicit  Fully and clearly defined or formulated
11.  FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
12.  Feedback  Return of information or opinion about the result of a process or activity
13.  File  A collection of related data or program records
14.  implicit  Implied or understood though not directly expressed
15.  Internet  A matrix of networks that connects computers around the world
16.  Know-how  The knowledge and skill required to do something correctly
17.  Continually  Not interrupted, steadily
18.  Customer  (Company-)unit (customer/clients) for whom the organization delivers services or products
19.  LAN  Local Area Network
20.  Laptop  Mobile personal computer
21.  Management  Directing, carrying on, administration, guidance and control
22.  Manual  A small reference book, especially one giving instructions
23.  Master  Original (-source)
24.  Nil  Nothing, zero, intentionally left blank
25.  Normal(-)...  The usual, concerns about 90 % of all occurrences
26.  ok  Completed (all right)
27.  Organization  (Company-)unit, as related by ISO 9001:2000
28.  PC  Personal Computer
29.  Plausibility  Is that possible? Does it make sense?
30.  Print  Printed material or printed matter/paper
31.  Redundancy  Independence, additional safety
32.  relevant  Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand
33.  Review  Check, check point
34.  Risk  Risk ยบ probability of an event * degree of damage (costs of prevention)
35.  ROI  Return On Invest
36.  ROM  Read Only Memory 
37.  Supplier  (Company-)unit, delivering services or products to the organization
38.  Ultimo  Last
39.  Validation  Control and verify the results (compared to the customer’s standards)
40.  Verification  Control and verify the results (compared to the requirements)
41.  Virtual  Apparently
42.  Ws  Workstation

These abbreviations can be used in singular or plural, with or without capital letters and with or without a period when abbreviated. If you are looking for an abbreviation and cannot find it in the above index, please try to find it under Abbreviations.

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