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Our Website is designed by default in English and German. The two country flags on the right top of each page allow you to switch instantly between the two languages. However it might be necessary to translate a text into another language. For this reason we installed the Google Translator that lets you change the site into 32 other languages. Be advised that the translations are machine-made and are not always correct.

Please read these instructions first, before you use the Translator!

  • Click one of the 33 country flags in the upper bar to change the language of the whole site into your preferred language.
  • To revert back to English, click the logo of the website (moergeli+moergeli consulting, engineering). Du not use the country flags on the right top to do so. Those are disabled during the usage of Google Translator. Also reloading the browser page will not take you out of the translating mode.
  • Printing works in any language you chose. Use the printing symbol that looks like a cogwheel to print a page or send a link to a friend.
  • Due to the nature of foreign languages and their line space requirements some of the website's modules might be out of shape.
  • Audio-Visual Presentations (Photo-Albums and Movies) do not work in the Google Translator mode.
  • The Forum can only translate texts from the source language (English or German) into the selected language but not vice versa.
  • All downloadable files (PDF etc.) will not be translated with Google Translator. A translation error might show up.
  • If any other element of the website is not working by using Google translator, switch back and use the default English or German Version.

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Gotthard Base Tunnel Switzerland (35.4 miles). Courtesy of Transtec Gotthard

Under the Alps. The longest infrastructure tunnel in the world. Courtesy of Alp Transit.