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The Lumber Expert: Alfred Moergeli senior

Master Cabinet Maker, Swiss certificated Sales Manager, former Technical Executive of the Swiss Union of Carpenter Masters and Furniture Manufactures (VSSM), Zurich/Switzerland.

In over 20 years of experience in consulting, Alfred Moergeli senior has proven his outstanding professional competence  in innumerable cases. As founder and CEO of ā€˛Moergeli Kitchen Inc." he has lead the enterprise to success. He is your contact person for any technical and business concerns (Business Reengineering, Turnaround Management, successor arrangements, export).

The Engineer: Alfred Moergeli jun

Certificated Civil Engineer FH, EUR ING, Swiss Safety + Health Engineer EigV/BSV.

Since 1987 Alfred Moergeli junior is involved in the construction business as Project Manager. He implements your legally compliant Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) System and maintains it in your every day operations. He deals with estimations and post calculations, your bidding for public tenders. Together with you he implements your (Quality) Management System (per ISO 9001), maintains it and coaches you to solve your technical problems. He advises you in any civil engineering questions. In cooperation with his wife he manages an engineering, fiduciary and consulting office.

The Economist: Roland Moergeli

Certificated Business Economist, former IBM-Sales Manager.

Since 1990, Roland Moergeli has been successfully active in the area of financing and marketing. He is your contact person for any financial questions and likes to give you advice in the areas of Controlling, Organization and Marketing. He is your specialist for Accounting, Taxes and Financial Auditing.


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