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Integral System SafetyIntegral System Safety through System Risk Management (SRM) controls your uncertainties - and makes you fit for (your) survival. How do you control your most crucial threats? What are your top cost-effective solutions? Risks are a part of life. They are always present. Everywhere, at any given time. Risks are a function of severity of impact and probability of occurrence. To pro-actively control your risks – before they control you – we go for a System Risk Management (SRM) and use a Safety System to achieve your Integral System Safety. In order to let you live (and rest well) again with your residual risks at the end of the day. Controlling your uncertainties pro-actively defines your future - we have demonstrated this so many times. With our partner RiskConsult we control your risks and costs quantitatively and probabilistically as well. Ask our customers and Contact us!

Safety & HealthSafety & Health (S&H) makes you successful. How do you improve your productivity? How do you cut your costs? Safety & Health may not be your first priority. However, integrating Safety & Health into your processes is the most cost-effective and efficient solution to increase your production. A Safety & Health Management System, a direct application of risk management to Safety & Health, is your best investment in your most valuable, your human resources. The sound basis for your sustainable success. Safe and stable processes reduce your costs and increase your productivity - we have demonstrated this so many times. Ask our customers and we are looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to Contact us!

Machinery and System SafetyMachinery and System Safety (MSS / The CE Marking, CEM) keeps you safe, innovative, competitive and legal compliant. How do you assess the hazards of your machinery or systems? What documents do you need before you can legally affix the CE Marking? The European CE Marking on your machinery / systems is your passport to Europe – and the world. In order to affix it, you need a System (or systemic) Risk Assessment (SRA), User Instructions and a comprehensive Technical File / Documentation. A conforming machinery/ system keeps you safe and innovative - we have demonstrated this so many times. Ask our customers and feel free to Contact us!