ISO 9001:2015

Created: 22 December 2011

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
by Swiss Safety Center (SSC)

Why trust an auditor or consultant who has never been responsible for a management system certified by ISO 9001?
Or would you trust an examiner who has no valid driver’s license and has never been driving before?

moergeli + moergeli consulting engineering (m+m) can provide documented evidence of a valid ISO 9001 Certificate from December 20, 1999 until December 19, 2020.

We have always understood compliance with the requirements by ISO 9001 as a fundamental baseline of our business model. And we have always lived up to this standard and acted appropriately as a role model.

This has often been qualified as a luxury (that we, obviously, decided to have and could afford). And sometimes we have been smiled at. Often by stakeholders missing any basic understanding of the value of a structured and auditable management system. And, of course, more often than not by people and organizations who do not understand the value of an unambiguous document labelling system until today and are paying with unintended loss of files once in a while.

ISO 9001 delivers only (but at least) a combination of basic requirements for continual improvement of everyone’s effectiveness. However, most organizations never make it to that level.

Does a management system audited by ISO 9001 guarantee your success?
No, it does not.
Because there is no known recipe for success (whatever might be defined as success). ISO 9001 does not deliver a magic solution neither.

Can you avoid mistakes by a management system audited by ISO 9001?
No, of course not.
But the probability of making mistakes and – if they happen – the impacts of mistakes can be reduced with an active ISO 9001 management system. Maybe there will be not less mistakes. But, for sure, less of the same mistakes. Because you will continually learn through a structured process.

An audited management system by ISO 9001 is a well-acknowledged risk management tool.
Why do you want to do without?
Can you afford (and are you permitted and authorized …) to miss such an opportunity?

We have already started preparations for the structured implementation of our documented management system in 1996.
We issued a purchase order for external auditing and certification on September 16, 1999. And formally terminated this task on August 23, 2019 per January 20, 2020.

Our Management System by ISO 9001 has been continually audited externally and internally for more than twenty years.
It is proven and stable. From 1999 – 2019 not one single non-conformity has been documented through twenty-one (21) external audits.

With the explicit permission by Swiss Safety Center (SSC, our certification body since 1999)
all our external ISO 9001 Audit Reports of all our external audits for …
– Initial Certification
– Surveillance (1st und 2nd surveillance after Initial and each Re-Certification)
– Re-Certifications (every 3 years)
are unrestrictedly offered for your download (DL Dok Nr. 10 – German only).
Until today we are not aware of any other comparably transparent disclosure of audit reports.

Please note that all our external audit reports are SSC original files and are available in German language only.

ISO 9001:2015
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Our "License to Learn" since December 1999
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