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Created: 19 November 2013

Our website has been first built in 2001 but was updated many time since. The site comprises over 500 documents and pages which contain valuable data about core competences and our proven solutions for a safer and more efficient workplace. Our competence will enable your organization to assess its operational risk and perform key decisions that drive your business in a secure and profitable direction.

As a web platform we chose the award-winning WordPress content management system (CMS) that allows interactive functionality, rich media implementation and a variety of handy components. Our website is optimized for a screen resolution of 1200×1920 but is flexible for any other screen size. Since the appearance is responsive it will adjust to any screen size and can even be used on mobile devices. As web browsers we recommend the current Version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Another advantage is the multiple access level system. As a public user you can access most of the documents and resources. For restricted admittance we offer data that are only available to selected users with a user ID and Password. Authorized users can log in to our private vault by using the login link on the right top of our website.

The documents on this website will either be plain or can be downloaded. The plain text pages have a cogwheel symbol on the right top of the page. By clicking the symbol you have either the choice to print it or to suggest the document to a friend by e-mail. Documents to download are in PDF, PPT, ZIP and other formats. Use an appropriate program or reader to open those documents.

This website also has a powerful internal search engine. Use the magnifier glass on the top right of the page and enter a search term. Then click enter and you will see the results. Also another page will open that allows you to narrow down the search if needed.

Since we are always interested to receive a customer’s or visitor’s feedback feel free to fill out our survey about our website. Improvement on our side will only happen if we know what people think and experience.

Our company is based in Switzerland and operates on a worldwide scale. For that reason it is bi-lingual, namely German and English. The flags on the right top of our page allow you to switch languages instantly.