System Risk Management

Created 07 June 2006

System Risk Management (SRM):
Control your risks before they control you. Everywhere – and at all times.

Risks are a part of life. They are always present. Everywhere, at any given time.
Risks are a function of severity of impact and probability/rate of occurrence.
How do you make a risk-based decision? How do you control your top threats? What are your cost-effective solutions?

To pro-actively control your risks – before they control you – use a System Risk Management (SRM) and control the effects of uncertainties on your goals and projects with Integral System Safety.

With RIAAT we evaluate and control your risk-based milestones and costs quantitatively (probabilistically) as well.

A SRM will make you fit for your survival. Controlling your uncertainties pro-actively defines your future. To let you live (and rest) well again with your residual risks at the end of the day.

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System Risk Management (SRM)
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