Training 2015

Created: 28 January 2014

Please have a close look at our continual professional development (PDH) and our self assessment of its long-term-value.
In the year 2015 with focus especially on

  • Management Systems and Auditor Trainings
  • Tunneling like the World Tunnel Congress (WTC15) @ Dubrovnik – Croatia,
    where we presented our Risk-based Cost Estimating Methods
    (please see our Download Documents No. 52)
    with practical applications for the very first time,
    Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETc15) @ New Orleans, LA – USA,
    were we presented a construction cost estimate oriented follow-up (please see our Download Documents No. 56)

With our publications for and at WTC15 and RETC15 we have demonstrated all necessary baselines with practical applications how to evaluate (“calculate”) schedules (milestones) and cost for any type of project with a defined reliability. And then how they may be periodically updated (“controlled”) during project execution.

We understand this approach as an internationally well-known and widely-accepted Best Practice now.
How come that so many projects are still – and until today – coming in beyond defined milestones and budgets …?

Training 2015
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