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No.Activity - TaskI/CStatus
8.System Risk Management in Action (SRMiA)

Support for EuroTube Foundation (ETF)

We use RIAAT, a software of RiskConsult GmbH.


EuroTube – First application of a Swiss HyperLoop (HL)

as a model solution for our transportation needs of tomorrow.

DemoTube (DT)

First practical test.

AlphaTube (AT)

The first publicly accessible research center for vacuum transport.

For more information please see [direct pdf download] ...
– Annual Report 2022 [English]
– Annual Report 2021 [English]
– Flyer [German]

– Image Brochure [German]

– ETF Brochure [Short, English]

– Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Phase 1 Report [English]

The Swiss government supports the construction of the AlphaTube which is part of the research center for vacuum transport in Collombey-Muraz (VS) with a subsidy of 6 million Swiss Francs (~5.6 million €) giving Hyperloop initiatives in Switzerland an enormous boost.

The research center will be the home of a 3 kilometer test track along the existing railway line of the Swiss Federal Railways. As soon as 2023, vehicles on the test track could reach speeds up to 1000 km/h.

The Swiss Science Council (SSC) recognizes the potential that a research center in Switzerland could boost economic activity and give Swiss companies a
competitive edge as innovators, developers, and future suppliers in a market that was termed a market of tomorrow by the World Economic Forum (WEF).



Vacuum Seminars of ETH Zurich November 2020 - June 2023
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Own online presentation, November 9, 2020
(Live recording with voice):
System Risk Management in Action – From Project Controlling to System Safety

Establish System Risk Management (SRM):

Starting September 28, 2020

Proof of Concept (PoC) for Risk-based Project Management/System Controlling (RbPM/SC) & Budget/Proposal for System Risk Management (SRM) & ESG Support
– Submitted May 4, 2021

– Updated May 6, 2021

– m+m Proposal, submitted Sept. 12, 2021:

Establish System Risk Management (SRM)

Start September 28, 2020

Task Order Award, Nov. 9, 2021 for Phase 1
(<= Dec. 31, 2021):
1. System Safety
2. Hands-on Coaching

Multiple Workshops
– Establish System Risk Management (SRM)
– Setup Qualitative Risk Assessment (QualRA)

– Prepare Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)

– Continually support ETF’s search for competent management/staff & qualified team development

Phase 1 successfully completed per December 20, 2021.

Next goals:
– Update Qualitative Risk Assessment (QualRA)
– Establish & update Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
– Establish & update Risk-based probabilistic Project Management/System Controlling (RbPM/SC) for reliable risk-based time/cost forecasts with a defined probability of not exceeding (P/VaR)
– Establish & update Quantitative System Safety Analysis (SSA) to achieve the required level of system safety, reliability and long-term availability by risk-based Maintenance (RbM) Programs (RAMS)

Prepare Phase 2 Support:
Modular approach - Establish for DemoTube (DT) & update for AlphaTube (AT - of course, only if and as far as required) ...
- 1. Requirement Tracking System (RTS)
- 2. Safety Management System (SMS)
=> Updated Scope of Work 2022, submitted on May 22, 2022

Attending "Hyperloop - Mobility of the Future" event,
November 16, 2022 @ Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne.
Thank you so much for having me!
7.Updates of our System Risk Management (SRM)
Blog on [exclusively] LinkedIN:

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6Maintenance of our own Management System (MS)
– Corporate Risk Management
Portfolio Analysis of our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs’)
– Strategy Map
– SWOT Analysis
Risk-based Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
– Management System Review (MSR) – Internal Audits (IA)


We successfully passed our Re-Certification
Audit by ISO 9001:2015
on November 3, 2017

And we succesfully passed (again, and without any non-conformity since 1999) the required (2nd) Surveillance Audit (our last external audit) per November 8, 2019.

Please see all our external Audit Reports
(in German only, 1999 – 2019)

m+m/amStandard Operating Procedures (SOP’s),

Work in progress.


moergeli + moergeli consulting engineering (m+m) had a valid ISO 9001 Certificate from December 20, 1999 until December 19, 2020.

We have always understood compliance with the requirements by ISO 9001 as a fundamental baseline of our business model. And we have always lived up to this standard and acted appropriately as a role model.

Book Keeping and VAT
for moergeli + moergeli consulting engineering (m+m)
UID: 107.601.945

m+m/dmStandard Operating Procedures (SOP's),

Work in progress.


Our current training
For our training of the last years, please see our menu
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- Training 2010 - 2019, or

- Training 2002 - 2009

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m+m/am and m+m/dmStandard Operating Procedure (SOP),

Work in progress.


We are documenting all our training and all our own effectiveness and efficiency assesments since 2002.

3.Updates of our Websitem+m/amSOP,

Work in progress.

2.Business Development
m+m/amTerminated per end of 2021.

1. Terminate our US-based company (mcllc)

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Established in St. Francisville, Louisiana

on August 25, 2009

Dissolved in St. Francisville, Louisiana

on October 22, 2021

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